“Americans shopped online like crazy this year . . . eCommerce is just clobbering physical shopping at a level that nobody anticipated.” — Business Insider, Dec. 2013

 COMRADES—The commerce revolution is upon us! Freed from the chains of brick, mortar and geography, the New Order Marketplace is online and boundless. Happening wherever and whenever, commerce is more scalable and lucrative than ever before. U.S. eCommerce sales are expected to reach a staggering $440 billion by 2017, so the opportunity is massive—but this battlefield isn’t for the faint of heart. Building an eCommerce company is fraught with land mines, and the startups who live to tell could be the Amazons of tomorrow. The time to rise up and SELL OUT, COMRADES, is now!
To be held on Mar. 21, 2014, in Mountain View, Calif., COMMERCISM is a one-day conference revealing new strategies & tactics for building, growing, and dominating online commerce. We’ll cover topics including eCommerce metrics, business models, branding, quantitative marketing, customer acquisition and retention, content development, mobile design, inventory management, pricing & purchasing, order fulfillment, customer service and more . . . with maybe a little Bitcoin banter thrown in for the (unregulated) fun of it.  



star-25x25Capital-ism for Commerce Startups: What VCs Care About Right Now

star-25x25No-Bullshi-vik Selling: Biz Models from SubCom to Memberships to Flash Sales

star-25x25The Math Behind the Magic: eCommerce Metrics & Quantitative Marketing

star-25x25The Customer Manifesto: Customer Acquisition, Customer Service & Retention

star-25x25Stock Piling the Goods: What No One Tells You About Inventory Management

star-25x25The Fight For Fulfillment: The Ins & Outs of Order Processing & Shipping

star-25x25Recruiting Party Loyalists: The Content & Branding Playbook

star-25x25Class-y Warfare: Photography UX to Increase Sales

star-25x25Getting to Che-Ching!: Pricing & Payment Strategies

star-25x25Mobile Revolution: Designing for Mobile Commerce 

star-25x25Imagine All the…Channels: The Startup’s Guide to Multi-Channel Retailing

star-25x25+ Other Party Secrets!


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